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that treats its workers right. i'll talk costco and fiscal cliff with steve greenhouse of "the new york times." >>> plus hostess executives tank their company and cost the people their jobs. so why are they still demanding millions of dollars in bonuses? >>> and we'll tell you how senator john mccain fits in with congressman louie gohmert's latest conspiracy theory. >> this administration sent planes and bombs and support to oust gadhafi so al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood could take over libya. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. republicans are walking tall in public but hanging their heads behind closed doors. john boehner struck a defiant tone during a news conference today. he blamed the president and democrats for stalling negotiations on a debt deal. >> despite the claims that the president supports a balanced approach, the democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. and secondly, no substantive progress has been made in the talks between the white house and the house over the last two weeks. >> tough talk. it's also completely divorced from reality. right b
the economy. he went shopping. he went to costco here in washington, d.c. and showed us with his own costco card and showed up witha firewood and a t.v. and apple pie. god bless america. lots to talk about this morning. let's find out first what's going on. here is the latest from lease a ferguson out in los angeles. hi, lisa. good morning. >> hey, bill. good morning, everyone. well, president obama is taking his fight over the fiscal cliff today heading to hatfield, pennsylvania. he is going to tour the rhodon group manufacturing facility. >> that's a place the white house says is one of the many businesses that depends upon middle class shoppers this holiday season. rhodon manufactures connect brand. that time group sells toys like angry birds building sets and tinker toys. at the end of the year, as i am sure you know by now the average middle class family is facing a 2,000 dollar tax hike. on monday of this week the white house released a report saying that could be americans spending $200,000,000,000 less in 2013. the president will continue
that does the same. coming up, how costco is big business done right. with steven greenberg of "the new york times." >>> the righties are going nuts with a brand new conspiracy theory. a sitting member of congress says the president is propping up al qaeda? >>> and speaking of conspiracy theories, is there a hidden meaning in the photo of the president and mitt romney in the oval office today? an "ed show" investigation, my friends, is ahead. share your thoughts with us on facebook and on twitter using #edshow. ♪ it's so important to make someone happy ♪ when you give a child a toy, it has to work. ♪ make just one someone happy and when it's a toys for tots child, well, what could be more important? so this year, every hasbro toy donated to toys for tots will be powered by duracell. happy holidays. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. >>> democrats like to pretend as though they're the great protecters of social security, medicare, and medicaid. they make solemn pledges all the time about how they won't even entertain a discussion about reform. >> and we are back. that's senate
the volume this week? costco. at one point this week company calls were up more than 5.5 the average call volume. >> you just heard how costco calls were active. what other names are options traders looking at? >> potential for special dividend there are a couple at the top of the list. oracle and microsoft have a ton of cash and they might want to share some of that. those are three names that are likely to do well if you are a dividend investor. >> and in terms of option activity as a clue to special dividends is a little different from regular dividends but you can see a lot of call buying in advance. >> there has been so much demand for costco stock in general. one other name we should throw out there is whole foods. that stock didn't react well. costco has been up a heck of a lot. >> we saw oracle call buying in anticipation. >> the question, though, is this good for the market or are people going to buy the stocks to be a share holder for a certain date. >> i don't know that it is good for the market that you have company management making decisions based on vagaries out of washingt
is buying costco in bulk. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's thursday, november 29th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: the president obama / congressman boehner bounce: after struggling through the first half of the session, the dow made a triple-digit turnaround, going from red to green on upbeat budget comments from washington. gold took a hit, while oil slipped a bit. regulators are pushing off the final draft of the volcker rule into next year. the rule limits the ability of banks to trade stocks, options, commodities, and more. aaa predicts gas prices for the year 2012 will be the most expensive ever. the national average is $3.63 per gallon, topping $3.51 in 2011. the current price is $3.41, down a penny in the past week. mark sebastian of option pit mentoring and consulting joins us now to talk cliffs and bluffs. good morning to you. > > good morning. > still no chance we are going off that cliff according to traders? > > i guess not. it is interesting what will happ
software, down goes that stock. stranger than expected sales at costco and that discounter will pay a $7 special dividend. tell me in my ear, that's paid this year and another paying dividend this year, is that right? yes, another big dividend paid this year to avoid what may be higher taxes this year and we've got bill gates and steve ballmer face share moerld questions at microsoft's annual meeting today. below $27 a share, i'd love to ask a question. better than expected outlook for the apparel retailer and better than expected green mountain coffee, that thing is up. 22% the gain. 57 down for the dow. it's another sign that housing could be bouncing back. sales of luxury homes rising, but price down. and two luxly houses were sold after they were significantly marked down. ♪ >> let's go fast through this. the dow jones industrial average is down 57 points. more importantly, the price of oil is sharply lower. down a buck 38, $85 a barrel and more importantly, the your morning gold report way down, and buy the gold coins for christmas, on. sales of homes, people look for good invest
called and said can i go for it and i said yes. joe biden went to costco today. really, one of my favorite political stories of the year. went in, had his cart and there's great pictures of biden here going through. he bought cookies children's books, a big apple pie fire logs. how does he need fire logs, isn't somebody getting him the fire logs. the favorite part, though, he didn't purchase a set of tires when asked, he said man, i don't drive anymore. >> cenk: my understanding is he takes am tram from time to time. i heard that he got applause. >> he got huge applause. it was announced -- unannounced visit, that's what joe biden does real well, retail stuff literally today. >> cenk: it's not a campaign, the campaign's over. >> he's at costco, which is decidedly not wal-mart, $17 an hour salaries, benefits for their workers. it's a real statement with joe biden. >> cenk: i want to get back to that in the next segment. they paid, costco does, twice the rate that wal-mart does for their employees. you know, wal-mart and all the other guys, mcdonald's are going to say we can't, we c
but then there's our number of the day. $19.50 an hour. that's what a worker at costco makes after 2004 and a half years -- after four and a half years according to liza featherstone of slate. about $7 more than employees with the same seniority at costco's competitor, sam's club, get paid. some wall street analysts haven't been happy about that or about the company's generous health plan. costco has given away cash yet the company does fine. the value of costco stock has more than doubled since 2009, outperforming walmart's. the company's founder james sinegal said the wages give the company a low rate of employee turnover and a whole lot of loyalty. costco's approach got renewed publicity when walmart became mired in strikes over low pay and bad labor relations. although walmart is admittedly a much bigger company, the costco model proves there are many ways to build a big profitable company. walmart's way is not the only way to do business. >>science and republicans do not mix. >>now it's your turn at the only online forum w
to costco. a new costco opened up in the d.c. area, and vice president biden whipped out his costco membership card and went to the store. he bought some dura flame logs, an apple pie, children's books, a 32-inch television and spent some time looking at watches. and he hugged people, and he ate snacks that they were giving out in the deli area. and he ate more snacks in the bakery area. he apparently had a great time. and there were great pictures taken of him having a great time at the great big costco in d.c. but the other thing that vice president biden did today that did not get nearly as much attention is something that happened back on capitol hill. and it is both more important and in some ways more impossible to imagine than his funny trip to that funny store today. cameras were rolling of what he did. we have the tape. you will not see it anywhere else. that's coming up next. >>> a republican party eating its own, is a process that continues a pace now 23 days after the presidential election. today the last remaining outstanding congressional race was decided. seems like a
highlights from thursday night's game ahead in sports. >>> and later, joe biden dusts off his costco membership card and goes by the local store to pick up a few things. we'll show you what was on his shopping list. he needed to go to costco. he's got to get the naval observatory up to par. >>> let's get a check on weather from our stunt double, bill karins. >> did you see that yesterday? >> he was us. he did what we do. >> he really did. >> he outed us. >> except he was wearing stockings. >> oh, no, did he wear stripy leopard stockings? >> you know, the ones he wore at the -- you know. we'll be right back. ♪ because this is thriller ♪ thriller night ♪ and no one's going to save you from the beast about to strike ♪ ♪ you know it's thriller ♪ thriller night wanna see me get some great deals? ok! it's a new way to get cash back deals and it's called bankamerideals. i sign in to my online banking... click the "cash back deals" tab... and pick the deals i want. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay. and then i get up to 15% cash back... put into my acc
losers on the s&p. it you look at the flip side, you have a lot of consumer names. the costcos, jcpenneys and coaches as well. finally, i want to take a look at the banking index. that ended on the highs of the day along with the overall market. we should watch for paul volcker tomorrow on some news potentially about how that regulation is actually going to shape up today. >> thank you, kayla. all right. groupon a big winner today, up 11%. the report says the board is looking to replace the ceo, andrew mason. today, mason spoke out about that report. it was interesting to say the least. julia boorstin has the details. >> that's right. interesting to say the least. ahead of a board meeting tomorrow, groupon ceo andrew mason took the stage at the business insider ignition conference to give a frank assessment of his job performance. here's what he had to say. >> here's a news flash. our stock is down about 80% since we ipoed a year ago. it would be weird if the board wasn't discussing whether i'm the right guy to do the job. we're experiencing that volatility now as we predicted when we did
morning at a costco warehouse store in washington. pool reporters tell us he helped himself to several food samples like we always do when we're there and looked like he enjoyed them. back at the white house president obama welcomed his one time archrival mitt romney for what we can only assume was a more formal lunch. certainly a post election, perhaps post partisan moment. as politico points out this morning, like most washington rituals this get-together was likely more about symbolism than substance. rarely do once fierce rivals become political friends. so why even do it? and are there exceptions to the rules? let's put it through the spin cycle. look, i think because there's going to be no substance in this lunch anyway, i think the symbolism here really is important. i'm still waiting for you to jump in here. but the symbolism is important because, yes, for the american people to show that after a hugely expensive, nasty campaign that these two fellows can come together and sit down and meet with each other. but i think overseas it sends an even more important message. again, hu
. >>> and we'll tell you what joe biden bought at costco today. you'll love this video. you're watching "politicsnation" on msnbc. >>> this is interesting. president obama is going to have lunch with mitt romney and you thought you had an awkward meal with your family on thanks giving. what i don't get is he said nobody should get a free lunch and now he's going to the white house to have a free lunch. [ male announcer ] with 160 more miles per tank, the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ guts. glory. ram. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] while you're getting ready for the holidays, we're getting ready for you. tis the season. for food, for family, and now, something extra -- for you. >>> have you joined the "politicsnation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. president obama and romney's white house lunch was the topic of the day. charmaine says, it's great that they can meet. syed said, this is an awesome display of shake of hands of bipartisa
biden was in costco, he wanted to buy some of this stuff but i told him he had too much work to do. i wasn't going to have him building roller coasters all day long. now, of course, santa delivers everywhere. i've been keeping my own naughty and nice list for washington. so you should keep your eye on who gets some kinex this year. there will be some members of congress who get them and some who don't. [ applause ] look, this is a wonderful time of year. it's been a few weeks since a long election finally came to an end. and, obviously, i couldn't be more honored to be back in the white house. but i'm already missing the time that i spent on the campaign visiting towns like this and talking to folks like you. >> we love you. >> i love you back. that's why i miss it. [ applause ] >> one of the benefits of traveling and getting out of the white house is it gives you a chance to have a conversation with the american people about what kind of country do we want to be and what kind of country do we want to leave to our kids? i believe america only thrives when we have a strong and growing
, but retailers are really stealing the show. many are doing well for a variety of reasons. take a look at costco. the money they're paying out to shareholders ahead of the fiscal cliff wall to get the dividend ahead of the higher tax rate, so costco joins many come over 100 companies that have done much of the same. paying out dividends so you can pay less taxes. melissa: thank you so much. lori: so thoughtful of the company. president obama invited middle-class americans to the white house to showcase those would be most affected a certain tax cuts are not extended. peter barnes live at the white house. >> 85 middle-class taxpayers joining the president at this event part of a pr push to drive them to extend tax cuts for middle-class taxpayers let them expire for wealthier taxpayers. take a listen. >> optimistically i don't think we will get it done tomorrow. but if everybody here goes out of their way to make their voices heard and spread the word to your friends and families and coworkers and neighbors, i am thoughtfudoubtful that we will t done. >> the president meeting with 14 ceos, second
out of lanes southbound 880 at tennison in the fremont area. >>> 6:10. costco says more customers shopped at its stores in october. the chain says sales jumped 7% last month, part of the reason, more people flocked to costco hoping to save a few cents on gasoline. costco plans on opening 10 new stores across the country by the end of the year. >>> cell phone reception still spotty across the east coast due to superstorm sandy. two carriers are teaming up to improve service in new york people without power crowded around the power strip to charge their phones. now, at&t and t-mobile will share networks customers will be able to connect with which ever has the strongest signal. >>> november 1st, do you know what this means? >> what? >> it means illegal woodburning is getting more expensive starting today. we'll tell you about that. >>> [ inaudible ] >>> we were -- you guys never gave up, never. i want to salute you guys. i want to salute to you guys because you guys >>> welcome back. 6:15 this is live doppler still showing wet weather through the east bay and now most of it into the
and facing cut-throat competition. vote and if big box store like walmart and costco and the drugstores like cvs and walgreens. and the dollar stores. holy cow. it's a tough, miserable business. however, even in an incredibly difficult sector you get some true differentiation. some companies will execute better than others. and their stocks outperform the rest of the group. in the supermarket space the one company that's bucked the overall trend has been kroger. while supervalue has cratered down 64% for the year and safeway has been hammered down 19%, kroger has managed to keep its head above the water, up 43%, not particularly good but relative to others but relative to the other supermarkets kroger's performance has been downright incredible and we call that -- hot absolute performance but supreme. that's why we want to figure out what's if secret here? what's the secret to kroger's success? the company reports tomorrow morning so we did this many preparation. i think we'll get cluesing that tell us what's happening and what to look for as we head into the quarter so you can find out if y
the category, those offering the special dividends, though affordable, you might want to buy now, costco, why do you like these companies? >> well, first of all, they are in good trends to begin with. i don't like to buy stocks heading the wrong way, heading south. i like stocks that are making new highs, it shows there's big institute -- gerri: the trend is your friend. >> the trend is your friend. there's institutional demand overpowering supply. costco, and i have to say i'm not a big shopper, but i loch going to costco. gerri: actually, i love it too, truth be told. resorts, the earners traction to the company? the management? >> big growth overseas in mccow and as asia grows, they will do better and better. it's jack daniels, what more do i have to say? gerri: good point, convincing. okay. i do think, though, that aren't we going to get to a point, though, where the taxes on these dividends outweigh the attractions possibly? i've seen some people write there's a window, 3%-5% dividend that could be the right thing to shop for. how do you weigh in on that? >> i don't let the dividend -- i
not want to pay? it's not your money at risk. also, the costco founder and ceo is in the headlines because of an editorial in "the wall street journal" today. the executive spoke on his behalf of the democratic national convention in charlotte. it was surprising when costco became one of the schools of awarding the tax dividend increase. for costco, here is the map. they were pay $7 per share to shareholders. the company is going to borrow money to do that. look, dividends are typically taken out of earnings. i fully support executives offering to take dividends early, but the idea of shared sacrifice -- well, that's disingenuous at best. he will make 4 million more than he would have had he waited for the tax change. a plan being considered by congress, coming up next. t. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. gerri: objects, one of the nation's top financial advisors and the surprising things that we found in a letter to clients in 60 seconds. gerri: investors are bracing themselves for three tax hikes. i
. that is from trader joes all the way to food co including rainbow and costco which is really the grocery shopping area of the city and to a lesser extent the eastern neighborhoods housing restrictions which work with the mid-market development to really encourage development in this area in western soma, and if you take housing off the table west of harrison then you're going to leave a vast number of lots that are right now parking lots, car lots, or under lose used -- facilities and could be housing down the line. as i recall the housing was going to be about 6,000 plus units and now 6,000 plus 200 units. it's not addressing the needs of the mid-market workers and those people that want to live close to housing. the other thing i wanted to bring up which wasn't mentioned here is hotels. i know cory and jim worked long and hard on this and i know hotels is a peripheral component but it's a major employer in san francisco and there are programs at san francisco state and city college and right now the hotels are restricted to 75 rooms and 25 along folsom and frankly it's just not goi
is water bottles, say for instance i have a case of like costco water in my trunk that i just keep, is it the heat that's leeching stuff into the water or is the sun breaking down the plastic, what is getting leaked into the water, is it the bpa or other toxins? >> these are great questions and they're kind of the same answer in a way. heat and light can both make plastic break down, either alone or in connection, i lived for a long time in arizona that if you leave your water in the car, it's cooking and getting exposed to light, but either one of those can lead chemicals to leak into the plastic, with bpa, we know, for instance, that it's hundreds of times more is leaked in with high heat than with low heat, it's just the nature of plastics. but the chemicals in most food contacts like that and your water bottles are usually a number 1, the main chemical in most of those is usually relatively safe in the scheme of things, but then different companies will put different additives to give that plastic the property they want and so a study that came out in 2010 found that some of t
in a factory later this week. >> costco joins the dividend parting initiating a $7 a share payout on top of the regular dividend. >> and a shake-up at groupon. the board may be considering co-founder being released. >> there's powerball fever. 500 million big ones in the pot. how would you spend the money and how does the fiscal cliff factor in? we'll talk strategy with a former lottery winner. >> we begin with the fiscal cliff. this afternoon president obama is scheduled to meet with several business leaders including ceos of home depot, macy's, caterpillar and at&t but futures are falling with signs there are troubles with negotiations on capitol hill. a market credible deal to solve the cliff is key to economic growth. >> that annual growth idea, that prospect is real in my view if we actually did get a market credible $4 trillion plan. the markets would realize those guys can govern. the big question is can we get a market credible plan. what would it look like at this point? >> senator reid said we won't have one. everyone has to get used to that. warren buffett talking about going
and no fiscal cliff fights are going to stop him from a shopping blitz at washington's new costco super store. the veep came looking for pies and left with a television, books, fire logs, and a huge smile trailed by a horde of surprised shoppers. >> just walking through this store. get some guidance. >> you know, i have a feeling that the president may have missed his usual lunch partner at the midday meal today. joining us from washington is msnbc own historian the great chris matthews, the host of "hardball" and the author of quk jack kent, elusive hero," available now. highways t that's the advertising over. we learned the menu including white turkey chili and no humble pie after all. >> no dessert at all. i wondered about that double helping of poultry. what a strange meal. the turkey and then the chicken part. it's a strange meal. must have been dietary rules. i don't think that's a natural decision by the chef. strange meal. >> how do you think the meeting went though in truth? >> i think it's been screwed up because mr. romney, the governor, gave a wonderful concession speech, he came
international comps were up 7. so costco responding to positive action. i think we're getting people coming out on the podium in advance of the many speaking. by the way, later on today, one of the ceos of home depot, ken frazier of merck, might be tar kent. marisa mayer of yahoo. brian roberts. our employer year. back to headquarters -- here we go. here is the president of the united states. >> good to see you. hey. thank you. thank you so much. thank you, everybody. please have a seat. thank you. thank you very much. please have a seat, except you guys. well, good morning, everybody. there's been a lot of talk here in washington about the deadlines we're facing on taxes and deficits. these deadlines will be coming up very soon, but today is important, because i want to make sure everybody understands, this debate is not just about numbers. it's a set of major decisions that are going to affect millions of families all across this country in very significant ways. and their voices, the voices of the american people, have to be part of this debate. so i asked some friends of m
and costco and cvs and the dollar stores, it's just a tough, miserable business. however, even in an incredibly difficult sect, you get some true differentiation. some stocks execute better than others. the one company that has managed to buck the negative tren has been kroger. safeway has been hammered, down 19%, kroger has managed to keep its head above the water and up 3% on the year. not a particularly big return but relative to the circumstances, kroger has been supremeio. what's the secret here to kroger's success? the company reports tomorrow morning. so we did this in preparation of that. i think we're going to get cloous that can tell us what's happening here in so you find out if you want to buy it when the numbers come out. by why raent troger been crushed if the rest of them have? this is not a company like whole foods with a high-end brand. last night we got insight into why it's been kroger may have been able to avoid slipping into the valley of shadow and death. last night we talked to gary rock ceo of con-agra and we were talking about its acquisition for the ki
to do some christmas shopping, sort of. he went to a suburban costco to talk about the fiscal cliff and tax cuts. he took photos with shoppers, chatted up the staff and was followed around the store by a huge crowd. his favorite part, like many of us who go to costco, all those free samples. he did get around to talk tax cuts. >> i think it's important that congress acts now. i mean, right now. all that needs to be done is extend the middle class tax cut. >> he bought cookies, children's books, an apple pie and a 32 inch tv. he declined an offer to buy a set of tires saying, i don't drive any more. >>> the driver behind the crash has a bizarre explanation for why it happened. >>> good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center. we're tracking the latest storm moving across california. a flash flood watch. and if you're headed to the sierra, watch out, winter storm warning in place, where we could see six to ten inches on your full forecast coming up. >>> now it's our turn. californians will be able to play one of the biggest lottery games in the cou
shopping in the capitol at a discount store. he strolled into costco and buying apple pie. he told reporters falling o-cliff klif is not an option. >> look around here. consumer confidence is growing. last thing we need to do is dash that now by being unable to extend middle-class tax cuts. >> carolyn: costco is hedging. they announced they will pay $3 billion dividend before the end of the year. that will save share hold ears lot of money. >> 138 countries voted to grant they voted against the measure which could make it easier for palestinian authority to pursue israel in international court. mahmoud ahmadinejad addressed the. >> mahmoud abbas addressed. they say they need to give legitimacy to those negotiations. >> continental airlines was cleared of involuntary manslaughter charges linked to a crash after a air france concord. french court absolved them of all criminal wrongdoing. all 109 people aboard the jet were killed along with four people on the ground. the court also overturned the conviction of a continental mechanic who was accused of using a wrong part prior to the f
, the invoice president in a shopping mood as he flashes his membership card inside costco's newest warehouse store. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning, everyone. i'm deborah feyerick in for carol costello. thanks for joining me. we begin in washington where those hopes for compromise may be on the back burner as democrats and republicans dig in and ramp up the rhetoric on the fiscal cliff. house speaker john boehner and senate majority leader harry reid trading jabs before the cameras on capitol hill. >> going over the fiscal cliff is serious business. and i'm here seriously trying to resolve it. and i would hope the white house would get serious as well. >> speaker boehner made very clear at his press conference that he thinks the ball is in your court and the president's court. he says democrats have got to get series about spending cuts. where is the disconnect? >> i don't understand his brain so you should ask him. okay? >> reid making those comments to our own kate bolduan. i'm joined by dan lothian. dan, we're learning more about the white house plan to deal with the fiscal clif
today. costco with the one-time dividend taking the stock to new highs today. this has been a really beaten-down name up sharply, and coach is looking pretty fashionable as well. look at gold colored one point it was down $35, it is losing some of the shine, oil taking a hit down to a one-week low, budget concerns on crude, and we will see right now what is going on with gold. let's see what they make of the midday reversal. closing higher, just one big year. this unique group and the nymex, this is pretty significant, isn't it? the politicians would open their mouth and the market rallies, that never happens. >> this is really a pretty good rally when you consider where we came from, this is a pretty good move. people are very optimistic maybe he is making true statements they will get something done. honestly the value is very anemic. they were placed in the week after, now we're kind of headline driven the rest of the year. you will see dramatic moves like this since the end of the year. liz: we were both wondering, what is really going on here? if you look at the dollar against t
to shareholders. that includes names like disney and walmart, costco, las vegas sands as well is in that group and it will happen interestingly before the new year when the massive new tax hikes could kick in. stewart varney thinks this is really of note this morning. the host of varne varney & company. >> i'm going to call it a tax revolt. companies are saying, look we are not going to give extra money to the treasury this year. we'll help out our shareholders this year. we'll pay them a lot more money in dividends this calendar year so they can beat the expected tax increase that comes next year. martha, you mentioned a few tk-ps. numbers. >> 1.3 bil$1.3 billion, disney. costco, $3 billion. the buckle, $4.50 per share. there may be a lot more to come. it is a tax revolt, martha. martha: it's such an interesting way to put it, security. they are forcing the money into private taxpayer's hands before the government can get their hands into it. the government may be putting into their calculations some of the taxes they'll make on the dividends and we know that the taxes on the dividends could
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on thursday? these guys or this guy? joe biden takes costco by storm. does he do anything else? good morning from washington. it's friday, november 30, 2012, and this is "the daily rundown. i'm chris cillizza in today for chuck todd. the president hits the road today to settle his proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff at a toy factory in the pennsylvania suburbs. the president's opening budget bid landed with a thud on the republican side of capitol hill. after meeting with the president's top negotiator treasury secretary tim geithner, some republicans are calling the white house offer a joke. that's a quote, and a fantasy. that's also a quote. leaving the talks in a familiar place, stalemate. >> no substantive progress has been made in the talks between the white house and the house over the last two weeks. >> we haven't seen any kind of proposal from the republicans. rates on the top 2%, the wealthiest earners going up. >> it's time for the president, congressional democrats, to tell the american people what spending cuts they're really willing to make. >> republicans know where we stand. we
talking all about it. liz: looking at names like costco, do you like those names? we have been studying how the grocery effect has really pulled people in. wal-mart too. is that going to push them into the winner category and the margins as well, does that make them a good stock play? >> yeah, we like costco a lot actually. i think their consistency has been terrific. they have had 4% traffic gains all year. and we don't see that stopping. you know, they have offered great value. they cater to more affluent consumer. that more affluent consumer like everybody else wants to save money so they are into costco. liz: now we go to the ones that will not benefit as well. >> yes. liz: what do you think? >> well, you know, the office supply guys, for example. there's not a lot of interest, you know, generated around black friday. their big season is back to school, back to business which happens in january. we're not looking for a ton out of those guys. even the home improvement retailers, if you really think about it, the spring is their christmas. so there's not a huge drive to go -- liz: low
it in a certain way. i think costco is interesting. take on debt. make the balance sheet a little leaner. if that's an ongoing thing, it's good. if it's just going to be a matter of hoarding cash next year for a shareholder it doesn't really help you. >> costco changed the picture. good to see you. >>> back to headquarters. scott wapner and the "fast money halftime." >>> all right, carl. thanks very much. welcome to "the halftime report." four hours to go until the close. here's where we stand on the street. a picture that looks a bit different than it did some 15 to 20 minutes to go. all three of the major averages were solidly in the green. more talk out of washington. we went negative on the dow. there's a look at the dow basically flat now. back below 13,000. the s&p is holding on to that 1400 level. the nasdaq holding on to 3,000 as well. here's what we're following on halftime today. a growing number of corporate executives trading their own company's stock on information you can't get. the alarming details are just ahead. >>> rim shares surge yet again. this time on a goldman upgrade. can
gains for the month. costco was one of those stores, with sales rising 7% from the same time last year. macy's' same-store sales popped 4.1%, while target saw a smaller increase of 2.4% - lower than analyst expectations. however, superstorm sandy remains a concern going forward. analysts think some consumers along the east coat may have spent extra preparing for sandy and that it could have an impact on christmas spending. retailers hope the spending trend continues into the holiday shopping season. big retailers such as best buy, macy's, kohl's and walmart all open bright and early at 12 am on black friday. kmart opens at 5 am and toys 'r' us at 9 am. and online shopping isn't left out - amazon will offer limited- time specials as part of its "black friday deals store." in corporate earnings, exxon topped earnings expectations even though profits fell 7% to $9.5 billion. the oil company blames a drop in production and falling prices at the gas pump. at avon, revenue dropped 8% to $2.5 billion. the ceo admits earnings were disappointing and improvements will take time. pringles chipped
distributed. it is being sold in costco, wal- mart, sam's. tavis: texas is one example of a state where they are trying to find -- i am trying to get the right word -- they are tidiegetg tighter and tighter in clamping down about what goes into textbooks. before we know it, sliver will have been a carnival. they're changing what happened -- slavery will have been a carnival. they're changing so much what happened. what makes you think we can never get to this kind of truth in a textbook? >> we have made some progress. in the 1980's and 1990's, they did introduce elements of multiculturalism, the kind of triumph ant history is not there anymore. oliver's dollars textbook is so bad on the atomic bomb that it is unconscionable -- olivers sexpot is so bad on the atomic bomb that is unconscionable. tavis: the top line of the book and the view of this year is it will get, there are major moments in history. i want to jump back last night. we started the show last night with a quip about henry wallace. -- with a clip about henry wallace. >> most of the viewers and most americans have no idea w
scammed by smartbuy. the storefront retailer allegedly was selling electronics from costco, walmart and sam's club at substanially higher prices and tacking on extra fees through its credit-only purchases. meanwhile, a new website, know-before-you- enroll, clues servicemen and - women into for-profit colleges said to be conning military members out of g.i. benefits. the schools promise a high-level education, but often charge 5 times more than public college. the kodak company is clicking with its bond investors to get out of bankruptcy. according to the wall street journal, the iconic photography giant has reached a deal with bond holders at jpmorgan chase and centerbridge partners. kodak would recieve $793 million in loans on the condition it gets $500 million by selling its patent portfolio, perphaps to goole or apple. the deal needs court approval, and there's no comment from kodak. within the next three weeks, one variable that's kept american airlines in bankruptcy may be resolved. the airline and its pilots' union have reached a tentative agreement that gives the pilots pay r
. i call it a zone. that is from trader joes all the way to food co including rainbow and costco which is really the grocery shopping area of the city and
and costco. the calls were reportedly part of the president's efforts to discuss solutions to the looming end-of-the-year fiscal cliff. while in thailand this weekend, the president, as he put it, was "confident we can get our fiscal situation dealt with." toys 'r' us executives are betting that a growing middle class in china will buy more toys for their children. the toy retailer is launching online sales this week in china, to be followed by a doubling of its 30 brick-and-mortar stores over the next few years. the toys that toys 'r' us is selling will, however, be a little different than the playtime mainstays in the states. china has a higher demand for educational toys such as books, microscopes and building blocks. toy sales in china rose 18% last year. corporate america is holding on to its cash, tightly. a new report reveals 40 of the largest publicly-traded companies plan to hold back on captial investments for the next two years. overall, business investments are down for the first time since 2009. it's attributed to fiscal cliff fears on capitol hill. corporate america has been one
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